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Proactive Safety Measures

Safety First

Employee safety should be of top priority for every company. It should go without saying that every employee has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. And even though in the construction industry workplace accidents are unavoidable, there are additional measures that employers can take in order to decrease the likelihood of an incident occurring. Yes, OSHA and other governing organizations are giving us safety standards to adhere, but there are additional proactive safety measures we can take to go the extra mile and make sure our employees feel safe and appreciated:

  1. Integrate safety into the project from its inception

  2. Adequate safety employee training

  3. Accident prevention and safety advocacy

  4. Assign safety committees and safety managers

  5. Construction subcontractor pre-qualification and screening

  6. Fall risk screening, assessment, and management

  7. Incorporate safety plans (fire, flood, hurricanes etc) for each phase of the project, ensure all workers are familiar with procedures and perform monthly drills

  8. Provide workers with equipment safety manuals for every tool and machinery

  9. Distribute safety and protective wear reinforcement signs

  10. Implement safety gear distribution and signage program (masks, glasses, hard hats, etc)

  11. Equip job sites with necessary safety equipment (ladders, fall and fire protection, etc)

  12. Communicate: discuss safety on an everyday basis and ensure employees feel comfortable to come forward when a problem arises

  13. Perform safety audits and drills on a regular basis

Indeed, proactive measures will take from your time and are costly, but the investment will pay off by ensuring your company avoids accidents, lawsuits, and even settlement payments. Check this article on Importance of Employee Safety.

Moreover, healthy employees who feel safe, comfortable and appreciated in their work environment are more productive.

Last but not least, your company reputation is on the line - not providing a safe environment for your workers can quickly turn into a negligent reputation.

Did you know that Construction Force Services can help you keep your job site safe and complaint? For more information, get in touch with us.

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