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Common Construction Industry Myths that hold no Truth (part 2)

In our last article we busted 4 of the most common misconceptions people have about the construction industry. Today, we’ll finish our list with 4 more.

Myth #5 - Construction work is just about slinging tools

Time for a reality check! The construction industry involves numerous aspects - planners, engineers, economists, communicators, estimators, marketers, etc.

And with tradespeople - electricians, carpenters, painters, etc - it is not “just” about slinging tools, it is about skilled use of tools, mastering those tools and creating something beautiful.

On top of it all, working in construction also requires creative problem solving, job task planning and organizing, decision making, using computer apps and technical tools, use of complex machinery and many more.

Myth #6 - Working in constructions is dirty and dangerous

No one is denying that working in construction can get dirty. However, the dirt you can easily wash off at the end of the day. And yes, it can be dangerous too but it is a bit too harsh to say that construction workers are risking their lives more than any other profession. What about firefighters? In a CNBC article from 2015 (based on data by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), reveals logging as the most dangerous industry in the U.S and fishers and fishing workers were on 2nd place.

As with any other job - if you do not adhere to health and safety regulations, accidents are possible. Construction companies make it top priority to ensure that their employees and job sites are safe and all up to code. In addition, workers are protected by policies, procedures and standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

Myth #7 - Construction is bad for the environment

The idea that construction is bad for the environment is also a bit outdated. There is a huge emphasis on green and environmentally-friendly building. Modern construction recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and is moving forward to creating and using products and systems that have a light footprint on the environment.

Myth #8 - It is not for people who like modern technologies

Last myth to debunk is about construction not being innovative, which cannot be farther from the truth. The latest technology in construction includes complex computer modeling, virtual reality, and even nanotechnology. Using mobile and desktop applications, drones and 3D printing have become an everyday occurrence for many construction firms.

What are some of the construction myths that you hear on a regular basis? Let us know and we'll debunk them at once!

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